34 million Americans are being left behind
The digital gap for for under-served and rural communities widens every day
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Our Focus is on building Digital Equity

The Institute for Digital Progress (iDP) is a non-profit, civic organization dedicated to improving Arizonans’ quality of life through the advancement of state-wide digital equity and inclusion. Tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, iDP is structured to achieve the greatest community impact and sustainable financial success.

An alliance of public, private, NGO, and academic institutions, iDP is a powerful collective of dedicated organizations working together to ensure connectivity for all Arizonans and to drive continuous participation and added value once connectivity is attained.

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Join us for Arizona's Grand Canyon-sized broadband vision to connect and engage

While great strides have been made over the past few years to narrow the digital divide, there are still as many as 1 million Arizonans who are unconnected or under-connected to schools, jobs, and healthcare. The implications for the economy and vibrancy of Arizona are profound and have only sharpened the focus on the need for a statewide, integrated vision.

Join the Institute for Digital Progress (iDP), Arizona State University, Arizona Commerce Authority, the Sun Corridor Network, and an unprecedented coalition of elected officials, business leaders, technologists, educators and grassroots activists as we work towards our big, bold vision for the future of broadband and digital equity for all Arizonans.

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The Availability Gap

June 7, 2021


Mirroring the national trend, Arizona’s broadband is unevenly distributed. What can we do as changemakers to increase access to broadband and close this gap?
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The Adoption Gap

June 21, 2021


There are millions of Arizonans who have broadband available to them but who have not adopted broadband in their homes. What can we do as changemakers to increase adoption and close this gap?
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The Utilization Gap

July 12, 2021


Digital platforms are needed to improve essential services and help achieve digital equity. What can we do as changemakers to increase utilization of broadband and digital platforms and close this gap?
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